Put the kettle on: Spilling the tea on Ireland's favourite beverage


TEA. It’s an Irish institution. Though tea has only arrived in Ireland just over 200 years ago, we can safely say it surpasses even Guinness as the country’s favourite beverage. Some mad facts include;

  • 1,300 – roughly the number of cups per person consumed by the country on an annual basis.
  • 6-7 cups – the average amount of tea consumed per person every day in Ireland.
  • The Tea and Something Nice Box – our most popular and beloved option here at The Paddy Box.

Whether you’re team Barry’s or team Lyons, every Irish person knows that tea is key when it comes to a gathering. With that in mind, here are some Irish occasions that always call for a cuppa…

1. Spontaneous Visits


Do you remember when people would just show up at the house unannounced? The visitor would “call in” to chat with your mam or dad for hours in the good room. The ritual of feigning disinterest in refreshments would begin until your mammy relentlessly insisted with a “Go on, go on, go on”. Then, the kettle would be boiled and a plate of “good biscuits”, reserved for visitors only, would be offered. They’d also receive their cuppa in the “good delf” – the cups and saucers with no chips or stains. Unfortunately, this custom has faded slightly over the years. However, you can still get away with it down the country if your neighbours are sound. We vote to bring it back. What do you think?


2. The Irish Wake


We love a wake, so we do. If you’ve ever been to an Irish wake, you’ll know they are anything but sombre affairs. The purpose of a wake is to keep vigil over the loved one’s body at home until burial, all while celebrating their life through song, merriment, and refreshments. Some Irish wakes last for hours with family and friends eager to give the deceased a proper send-off, recounting memories long into the night. During this time, there is a constant flow of tea. Family members and neighbours volunteer to serve tea - and boy do they serve. Cups are handed to mourners upon arrival at the house and are refilled continually throughout the evening. The comfort the cuppa provides us Irish is a key part of saying goodbye.

3. Tea and Chats

This may sound casual, but it’s a highly organised event. Sometimes referred to as a tea or coffee morning, Irish mammies gather for a good gossip on a mid-week morning when the wee ones are at school. Often it begins the gals' WhatsApp group. Someone suggests a catchup and dates and times are suggested until finally everyone agrees. Treats of all kinds are purchased from old-school faves like Digestives, Custard Creams and Viscounts to chocolate choices like Mini Rolls and Fingers. Depending on how many show up, the gang can go through several pots of tea in one sitting, and that’s how it should be.


4. The De-Brief


The Irish love a bit of a debrief, especially after a night of shenanigans. It's not so much a planned event, but something that is naturally expected the morning after a wedding, stag/hen do, post-match sesh or any night of pure high jinks. This consists of a group of hungover individuals wrapped in blankets and cradling steaming mugs of hot tay. They have gathered to “spill the tea”, as the kids say. To gossip, gasp and howl in hysterics about the antics of the night in question. If you’re lucky, someone kind soul will offer to put on a fry and the debrief will evolve into a breaky where even more tea will be consumed. Fingers crossed!

5. Long story short...


 No matter what’s going on, tea will always be a requirement for Irish people. Our Tea and Something Nice Box has all you need for any of the above situations and more, filled with all the bickies you love – the good ones for visitors included. You’ll also find your fave chocolate inside and an option to add a few packs of Tayto. 


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